Ludus Press Authors is brought to you by…

…a desire to produce…

…genuine enthusiasm…

  …a passion for service…

~and these lovely people~

Joe Locastro





Howdy! Joe here! I’ve been a writer for several different sites across the net (,, and I decided it was time to take a crack at running a site myself. After gathering a team of cohorts, I started as an outlet for our collective creativity. Professionally I’ve worked in everything from pizza delivery to Space Camp counseling to game designing to film producing, and being able to share some of my energy with you, the readers, has been my pleasure and privilege.  My main focuses on the site are admin duties, article writing, and podcast production.  Feel free to drop me a line through, or on Twitter @LowCashBro / @LudusPress and have a great day!

 Mike Buckley




Hey guys and gals! Mike B. here! But you can call me Mike, Buck, Gamble, Big Poppa, or any of the other nicknames I tend to go by (too many?). I have been a fan of video games since I beat my first level in Mario Bros. at 2 years of age. Some of my favorite games include The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil. Since then, I built a PC, and have discovered a whole new world of gaming. I am also a diehard pro wrestling fan, and will watch any promotion from the early 80’s to today. This is my first real gig in the video game industry, and I’m excited to experience the journey with you all. If you want to get a hold of me, hit me up on Twitter @RealMikeGamble . Ask me a question, suggest a game to check out. See you on the battlefield!


Joe Endzel





Joe “Bro Friendzel”/”Endzel”/”Broseph” is a force of nature. With 7 years experience as a trainer in the fitness industry in Chicago and NASM certified personal trainer credentials he’s in better shape than any Joe around. Couple that with a passion for grinding out matches of Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter/Ultimate MvC3, a dedicated attendance at conventions, and a love of cosplaying…you get a Bro Friendzel. As a former host of the “Joe and Joe” show with LowCashBro he’s gotten his feet wet in the casting world and will bring that energy to the site.  He’ll kick your ass with Sagat or Kano, then give you some tips on getting the most from your workout. We’re lucky to have him as an asset to the LudusPress team for his gaming talent and fitness expertise!


Mike Parent





Hello everyone out there in the interwebs! I’m new to the online writing community. Before joining Ludus Press I was a high school English teacher for five years, found out teaching had become essentially just “test prep,” and am now a Quality Assurance Analyst. I won’t be writing about my experiences plowing through FDA Regulatory Audits however! I am a huge wrestling, comic, cartoon, and video game junkie and spend most of my waking time thinking about a combination of those wonderful diversions. I can have very strong opinions and may ruffle some feathers, but I always have an open ear and an open mind. Send me an email at with any tips, hints, opinions, comments or critiques.