Joe’s Reel

It’s an eclectic mix, I admit, but here’s a bit of what I’ve done in video.


B.U.D.D. spec commercial – Robot concept and storyboarding, co-producing, acting

This was a spec commercial for Bud Light that I shot as a project with TMU Pictures out of Chicago, back in the mid 2000’s. TMU is a company run by a friend I made during college named Michael Chait who directed everything we did. I co-produced and worked on a few of his projects throughout the years, B.U.D.D. was a short one but I was very involved. I drew the sketches that became the 3D model, I acted in it and I did production design on set. It was a lot of fun!



Mama Filipina music video – Co-producer, Co-writer, Production Assistant

TMU was given the opportunity to direct the first solo music video for of the Black Eyed Peas for the Elevate Film Festival in LA, and we flew out to shoot it with him there. On that set I wore a lot of hats: I secured locations, actors release forms, coordinated transportation, meals, helped wrangle the steadicam operator during takes and after…it was a group effort to get such a great piece done in such a short amount of time with such a shoestring budget but it was an experience I won’t soon forget.


Anime Boston 2015 music video – Producer, Director, Writer, Voice acting (Sarge, Infobot voice, Lobster)

I was Anime Boston’s director of Creative Media for a few years. I produced all the video content for the convention including webisodes, announcements, an annual parody music video, and more. In my final year working there we contracted with an animator to translate that year’s larger-than-life theme, Mecha vs. Kaiju, to our music video. Hannah Bliss did a fantastic job animating the characters and storyboarding, all within a very short timeframe. I wrote the script/lyrics, did voice acting, and timed the subtitles.


Anime Boston 2014 music video – Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

This 2014 Anime Boston music video had a few issues upfront with a need for WAY more lighting than we were able to get, for the dark space we were shooting (a small downtown Boston nightclub), but for the spooky nature of the theme that year (Magic and Mischief) it worked. This year I worked with a music producer in LA to get the song recorded with lyrics I’d written, and I was actually on set shooting and setting up camera angles and working with a steadicam operator. It was a fast, one day shoot with a small crew, and lots of fun!


Anime Boston guest announcements – Editor

These were fast turnaround Guest Announcements that I did for Anime Boston. I sourced the material for them and did all titles and transitions. This example is from the 2014 show.


Net Gain live-action trailer – Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Production assistant

I work with a game development company called Level Zero Games, and we shot a live action trailer for a project we have in production. I worked with TMU pictures to produce it.