“Funny, I don’t *feel* like a Nazi!” – or – Playing As The Enemy

  • Joseph James

    There is no other game like WW2 Online. I started playing Axis to avoid spawn delays and get in the action. i play exclusively Axis and can tell anyone that I have yet (after 3 years) to see any comments related to Nazism in the game. We play Germany for fun. If you haven’t played this game, the author is correct-it is a very complex game with no “matches”. Despite its age and dated graphics, there really is nothing else like it out there. -Dickerson.

    Thanks for the review of the game, Joe Locastro. Hope to see you in the next campaign.

  • fp

    Great article.
    I enjoy playing this game a lot and have so for 13 years. No other game like it.

  • Granit

    WWIIOnline and it’s gamer community are best I have ever seen in playing online games oiver 15+ years. Fairly realistic combined arms tactical and stretegic game with with accurate balistics and damage models. Political statements within the game environmet are quickly addressed by the CRS, who heavily interacts with and listens to the player base.